Mike started his first company right out of college, and has gone on to build 30 businesses since. A strategic advisor to over 500 organizations and 30,000 people, Mike’s unique ability to guide successful executives to the next stage of growth stems from his ability to think creatively about the future of the business, and distill those shared goals into action steps that leaders at every level of the organization can execute. If Mike is on your team, he will not let you fail.

Mike begins by finding the right roles for everyone in the company, allowing their hidden strength to propel the business. He then creates a culture of accountability, and leverages data and team insights to focus on what most impacts growth opportunities. Working with the leadership team, Mike helps the company optimize processes around those business functions, and empowers a cross-functional leadership team that can run the day to day operations of the company, allowing the owner to focus on what they do best.

One of the most sought after specialists, Mike’s process of understanding owner objectives, uncovering team strengths, identifying focus areas, and guiding teams to operate in the company’s sweet spot, has led to significant revenue increases and opportunities garnered for every client Mike has worked with.


As a strategic advisor, we partner with business leaders to maximize profitability, ignite growth, and realize the owner’s goals – whether that means succession planning or preparation for an M&A event.